Interior Paint Colour Trends 2017

Your home speaks a lot about you. So does the colour paint you choose. Whether you are extroverted, or just a silent observer, your visitors get to know a lot about you by just looking at the way you’ve done your abode. The interior says allot about who you are, you need to find one that is the best definition of you! When it comes to interior paints, you need to choose one that complements your style and personality. Also choose colours that exude a warm, inviting feeling to make you loce coming back home.

What do you mean by interior paint trends?

Stay in sync with the latest colours that home owners are fascinated with. Knowing which colours are ‘in’ and which ones are ‘out’ helps you design your house in a fashionable way, in which it takes care of you, your visitors and the latest designing trends as well.

With that said, there are a few trends that generally remain a classic and are loved universally.

The blue-grey-green shade that incorporates the calming effect of blue, the neutralizing effect of grey and the rejuvenating feeling of green.

Manchester Tan is another favourite because it can change with theg light. Depending on where the light is coming from, it can swing from a warm shade to a fresh and light one.

Compatible cream as light colours tends to create the illusion of more space and light.

Hiring Professional Painters

There are a few things that you must keep in mind when you hire a professional painter for the interior of your house. Your house will carry his work for years to come, so having an experienced professionals is a must.

  1. Experience

Experience comes with practise. And practise requires time. Check how many years they have been in business. That doesn’t mean not to hire new painters. If they have been referred by someone you know it is normally a good indication of tthe quality of their work.

  1. Licenses and Insurance

Ensure they are fully licensed and insured in your city. In case something goes wrong, you want them to be responsible for the damages. Every state in Australia requires licensing for painting contractors. Contact your local council to find out more.

  1. Talk to previous clients

Always talk to previous clients to find out about the quality of work. A good painter will always give you as many references as you want. They are proud of their work.

  1. Cost

Don’t always pick the one who is the cheapest. It might mean inferior quality. However the most expensive one does not mean a superior finish. You need to identify the one who has a reasonable price and a good track record. Quality paint and workmanship are very important.

  1. Get a few bids

Ensure you get at least three bids from three different painters before zeroing down on one of them. Get the quotes, compare the prices, the duration, the materials to be used and the overall scope of work. Only after you’re completely satisfied, go ahead and make your choice.

Trends in Interior Paint Colours

The year 2017, it’s all about getting inspired by your own personality! Three different palettes of confident, composed and comfortable, are set to take the centre stage. Confident is expected to draw the artistic personalities, while composed is more more those who prefer to stay rooted. Comfortable is going classy with the universally loved shades of pastes blues and pinks that add a popping touch. Best of all you get to choose the pigment that represents who you are. Below are 6 interior paint colours which are popular this year.

Dusky blue (Confident)

Dusky blue

Imagine the blue ocean and you are imagining Dusky Blue. It’s bright yet subtle. It’s one of those colours that is sure to have a mesmerizing effect on you and all others.

Sunshine-Yellow (Confident)

Sunshine Yellow

Now, this is a risk, with amazing pay-offs if done correctly. It will instantly brighten up the room and how you feel. It brings about that warmth that you would love to have in your room. If you’re looking forward to adding a talking point to your home, you must check this shade out. It’s sure to make people around you feel relaxed and happy.

Mineral Grey (Composed)

Mineral Grey

Looking for something unconventional? Something not everyone would opt for, but will certainly add a unique, mysterious yet charming look to any corner of your abode.

Earthy Green and Taupe Beige (Composed)

Earthy Green and Taupe Beige

This colour combination will calm you down like nothing else and instantly makes you feel home.

Pastel Blue (Comfortable)

Pastel Blue

Everyone loves Pastel Blue, and that is why you must give this shade a try. It is cheerful, calm, composed as well as a cool shade. It is also one of those colours that will help bring in its own charm and aura in the room.

Pastel pink  (Comfortable)

Pastel pink

Pink lovers can rejoice, for no other shade of pink will cheer them up as much as this vibrant, yet subtle shade that makes their room a cozy corner without incorporating clashing colours.

Paper White (Comfortable)

Paper White

This is a timely classic that never dies. Off white allows you to psice up the room any way you want with flowers, painting and many other ornaments. Always a popular choice for interiors.


If you want a home that is a true reflection of you, then the interior paint trends of 2017 are the best ones that you can choose from!

Choose a colour that complements who you are. Whether you are more artistic and bold or calm and relaxed, year has different options to suit who you are. So go ahead, take your pick!

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